Application Process

  1. Sponsoring organization must file Form I-129, Petition for Non-immigrant Worker, with the USCIS office specified in the form instructions.  See Required Documentation.
    In addition, the employer must establish that:
    1) It has designated a qualified employee to administer the program and serve as liaison with USCIS
    2) It will offer the alien wages and working conditions comparable to those accorded local workers similarly employed
    3) It has the financial ability to compensate the participant(s), as shown by a copy of the employer’s most recent annual report, business income tax return or other form of certified accountant’s report.
  2. Situation 1: I-129 is approved by USCIS.
    Situation 2: I-129 is denied by USCIS.
    Situation 3: Request for Evidence. The response must be received by USCIS within 89  days.
  3. Situation 1: In the United States, the clients should:
    1) Change to Q non-immigrant status.
    2) File at the USCIS service center with jurisdiction.
    3) After submitting the application, the applicant will be given a computerized filing receipt. Then the applicant can get the result of the application.
    Situation 2: Outside the United States, the clients should:
    1) Complete online DS-160 Form
    2) Pay filing fee
    3) Schedule an Appointment
    4) Prepare related materials. See Required Documentation
    5) Attend visa interview, obtain Q visa
    6) If your application is checked or rejected, please contact a professional attorney in time.