Document list of H-1B visa

From the employer:

1.Introduction (Company brochures), Name, permanent address, and phone and fax numbers, size, business, financial situation, employee situation of company

2.Job title of the position, along with a detailed description of duties, salary offered, and minimum qualifications for the job

3.Name and title of company agent signing forms on employer’s behalf

4.Federal tax ID number and the latest tax returns

5.Company letterhead (several copies)

6.Filling fee, Government fee, Anti-fraud fee, Labor training fee

From the employee:

1.Sponsorship of and job offer from a U.S. employer

2.Resume, Photo



5.Passport, including the visas to enter the United States

6.Professional license(s), if applicable

7.Proof of prior U.S. legal status, if applicable

8.Recommendation letters from previous employers; certificates of honor

Not Required but Preferable if Employee is in U.S.:

1.Copy of the front and back of I-94, if applicable

2.Copy of I-20 authorizing practical training period

3.Copies of any prior H-1B approval notices

4.Copies of most recent paystubs from current H-1B employer, if applicable

5.Social Security number, if applicable

6.Copies of any prior J-1 approval notices

From the employee’s dependents:

1.Passport, Name, Date and place of birth

2.Copy of the front and back of I-94, if applicable

3.Proof of prior U.S. legal status, if applicable

4.Marriage certificate (for spouses) 5.Birth certificate (for children)