EB-5 Document list

I-526 Document list

  • 1.Source of funds
  • 2.Information about company or regional center
  • 3.Information about investor

Source of funds Document list

  • Investment Funds is from your lawful income.
    1.Five years of personal income tax returns
    2.Personal bank account statement for the past a couple of years 3.Salary reports
    4.Salary verification letter from previous employers
    5.Five years of business income tax returns for your businesses if the income was generated from the operation of your businesses
    6.Business registration documents and ownership if the funds is from the operation of your businesses
    7.The articles of incorporation, share certificates and other like documentation of the business if the funds is from the operation of your business
    8.Business bank account report for past a couple of years if the funds is from the operation of your business
  • Investment Funds is from gift.
    1.Documentation proving the funds from the donor to the investor
    2.Statement explaining the surrounding circumstances of the gift and why the gift was made
    3.Gift tax return, if any
    4.Documentation, such as personal/business income tax return and ownership of business,  proving donor’s financial background to demonstrate how he/she derived the funds that were gifted
  • Investment Funds is from inheritance
    1.Statement of the relationship between the investor and the decedent
    2.A death certificate
    3.Documentation of the investor’s receipt of the inherited funds 4.Certification of payment of inheritance tax, if any
    5.If lack of documentation that would trace funds from the decedent’s estate to the investor, a statement of thorough explanation of the relationship, the amount inherited and other circumstances concerning the inheritance is required
  • Investment Funds is from transactions
    Sale of business
    2.Closing Statements
    3.Bank account statements
    4.Documentation tracing funds from the closing of the transactions to the investor’s individual account
    5.Copy of the business registration before the sale and immediately after the sale
    6.Letter from the accounting firm that represented the investor in the sale, indicating the sale, sale price, and the identity of the buyer
    7.Business financial information, such as evaluation from certified accountant, proving the value of the business

    Sale of real estate
    1.Purchase agreement
    2.Final settlement statement
    3.Receipt of funds from the buyer to the investor
    4.Payment of real estate tax obligations
    5.Title transfer evidence
    6.Past five years personal income tax return proving your funds in the purchase of the real estate that you sold

    Sale of stock
    1.Company’s incorporation documents, or other company registration documents
    2.The share purchase agreement
    3.Evidence of the transfer of the proceeds of the stock sale from the brokerage company to the investor’s account
    4.Payment of tax obligations of the proceeds of stock sale
    5.Stock transaction record
  • Investment Funds if from loan. (Only the loan secured by your assets other than the property of the commercial enterprise that you invested is eligible.)
    1.Terms of the loan agreement
    2.Documentations proving that the loan transferred from the lender to you
    3.Lender’s business registration record, business income tax returns if the lender is a business; or personal income tax return if the lender is an individual. If shareholder borrows money from company, please provide the company’s audited financial report for recent three years 4.Statement of the relationship between the lender and investor

I-829 Document list

  1. Information about the investor,his/her spouse and children.
  2. Evidence that you established a new commercial enterprise. This evidence may include, but is not limited to, copies of the business’s organizational documents, and Federal tax returns.
  3. Evidence that you have invested the total amount of required funds. (Bank records)
  4. Evidence that you have sustained your investment in the new commercial enterprise throughout your two-year period of conditional permanent residence. This evidence may include, but is not limited to, the following:
     Business invoices and receipts
     Bank Statements
     Contracts
     Business licenses
     Audited or Reviewed Financial Statements
     Complete copies of Federal or State income tax returns or quarterly tax statements.
  5. Evidence of the number of full-time employees at the beginning of your business and at present. Such evidence may include but is not limited to:
     Business payroll records
     Relevant tax documents