Documents Required for EB-4

Supporting Documents Required for the Religious Organization

  1. Proof of tax-exempt status
    1) If the religious organization has its own individual IRS 501(c)(3) letter, provide a currently valid determination letter from the IRS showing that the organization is tax-exempt
    2) If the organization is recognized as tax-exempt under a group tax exemption, provide a currently valid IRS group tax-exemption determination letter
    3) If the organization is affiliated with the religious denomination, provide:
    *A currently valid determination letter from the IRS showing that the organization is tax-exempt;
    *Documentation that establishes the religious nature and purpose of the organization;
    *Organizational literature; and
    *A religious denomination certification, part of Form I-360 (see the links to the right).
    *Proof of salaried or non-salaried compensation
  2. Verifiable evidence showing how the organization will compensate the religious worker, including specific monetary or in-kind compensation. Evidence may include:
    1) Past evidence of compensation for similar positions;
    2) Budgets showing monies set aside for salaries, leases, etc.;
    3) Evidence that room and board will be provided to the religious worker;
    4) If IRS documentation, such as IRS Form W-2 or certified tax returns, is available, it must be provided; and
    5) If IRS documents are not available, explain why and provide comparable, verifiable documentation

Supporting Documents Required for the Religious Worker

  1. Proof of membership
    Evidence that the religious worker is a member of a religious denomination having a bona fide non-profit religious organization in the United States for at least 2 years immediately before the filing of Form I-360
  2. Evidence to establish that the religious worker is qualified to perform the duties of the offered position.
    If the religious worker will work as a minister, provide:
    1) A copy of the religious worker’s certificate of ordination or similar documents
    2) Documents showing acceptance of the religious worker’s qualification as a minister in the religious denomination, as well as evidence that he or she completed any course of prescribed theological education at an accredited theological institution normally required or recognized by that religious denomination. Include transcripts, curriculum, and documentation that establishes that the theological institution is accredited by the denomination

    If the denomination does not require a prescribed theological education, provide:
    1) The religious denomination’s requirements for ordination to minister;
    2) A list of duties performed by virtue of ordination;
    3) The denomination’s levels of ordination, if any; and
    4) Evidence of the religious worker’s completion of the denomination’s requirements for ordination

Proof of previous religious work (either abroad or in the United States)

  1. If the requisite previous employment was in the United States and:
    1) The religious worker received salaried compensation, provide documents that show he or she received a salary. This may include, but is not limited to, Form W-2 or certified copies of filed income tax returns reflecting such work and compensation for the prior employment.
    2) The religious worker received non-salaried compensation:
    If IRS documents are available, provide IRS documentation of the non-salaried compensation; or
    If IRS documents are not available, explain why and provide comparable, verifiable documentation
    3) If the religious worker received no salary but supported him or herself and any dependents, provide verifiable documents to show how support was maintained. This may include, but is not limited to, audited financial statements, financial institution records, brokerage account statements, trust documents signed by an attorney, or other verifiable evidence
  2. If the requisite previous experience was gained abroad, provide comparable evidence of the religious work

Other materials

  • Passport, Form DS-260, Photo, Financial Certificate, Degree Certificate, Transcripts of Theology Course, Resume, etc.