Frequently Asked Questions about EB-1C

Q: How many EB-1C can a company apply for for for its employees at most?

A: There is no clear legal upper limit. But as long as U.S companies really need to internally deploy employees who meet the requirements of executive position and managerial position,they can apply for several EB-1Cs. Generally speaking, an executive can manage 10 employees.

Q: Can premium processing service be used for EB-1C?

A: No premium processing service.You will get the application result within 10 to 12 months.

Q: Do EB-1C executives have to be English-speaking or highly educated?

A: Not necessarily. If you can’t speak English, you can ask for a full-time translator; if you don’t have enough education, but you are experienced , you can still get the approval of EB-1C.

Q: If I want to get the green card by applying for EB-1C as soon as possible within a year and a half, which way is the best for me?

A: You can directly buy a large-scale U.S company with a revenue of more than $1 million and at least 10 employees.

Q: If I fully meet the requirements of L-1A or EB-1C, will I apply for L-1A first, and then apply for EB-1C ?

A: Depending on the situation of each application, if the U.S company has excellent conditions, large scale, high revenue and many employees, you can apply for EB-1C directly. If the U.S. company is a new company, you can only apply for L-1A first. After one year of normal operation of the new company, you can apply for EB-1C if U.S company reaches a certain scale and has certain employees.