Document list of EB-1B

  1. Employer’s Permanent job offer Letter or Contract (Including Employer’s Information)
  2. Over three years of relevant research experience or teaching experience. Please provide relevant contracts, work certificates and certificates of responsibility can be issued.
  3. Please provide the following materials, the applicant’s resume and the letter of recommendation from referees in the same field.

A. Awards

  • Each award should include the following information:
  • Award presentation time, name, award level, selection criteria (official website links or documentation);
  • The introduction of the award and the importance of the award (whether there is objective evidence such as media reports);
  • The importance of the organizing committee or the selection committee for awarding awards (website links);
  • Whether other winners are outstanding talents in the industry (including the introduction of other winners, media reports, etc., focusing on their senior positions or major achievements);
  • How many people win this award every year?
  • Previous award winners (focusing on their senior positions or major achievements).

B.Membership in professional associations

  • Each membership needs to include the following information:
  • The name of the association, admission time and criteria of membership (which can be searched on the membership certificate or official website), the position of the association;
  • Introduction of the Association (Official Website);
  • Only the member who has achieved outstanding achievements can join the association.
  • If you have joined a professional association and presided over the trial of new members, please explain.

C. Media Reports

  • Each report should include the following information:
  • Media reports includes time, place, author, title and circulation, as well as the name and introduction of the media;
  • It can be a network media. Please provide specific websites and webpages;
  • It must be a report on the applicant’s outstanding talents/skills/awards, etc. Other reports are meaningless;
  • Whether it has been posted/reproduced (especially in the mainstream media). If so, please provide the website;
  • If you are interviewed by a TV program, you need to provide interviewers, time, place and content.

D. Judge/Reviewer

  • The experience of each judge should include:
  • Introduction of Qualification and Assessment Projects;
  • Letter of thanks or certificates;
  • Records of the manuscript review system;
  • Introduction about journal;

E. Published Articles

  • Each article written by the applicant should include:
  • Complete articles;
  • Circulation and Independent Citations (CNKI, Google scholar) 
  • Introduction to magazines or periodicals
  • If it is a book, please provide cover, catalogue, author’s article page, if it is a monograph, provide cover catalogue.

F. Original Contributions

  • Applicant’s original contribution in the field:
  • The original contribution of the applicant in the industry; (Please provide objective evidence, such as media reports, patent, articles, etc.)
  • Letter of recommendation;
  • The influence of original contribution on society or real life;
  • The original contribution is cited by other peers in the industry.
    * Above should highlight “originality” and “contribution” (applicant’s original contribution is widely used)