Document list of EB-1A

A. Awards

  • Each award should include the following information:
  • Award presentation time, name, award level, selection criteria (official website links or documentation);
  • The introduction of the award and the importance of the award (whether there is objective evidence such as media reports);
  • The importance of the organizing committee or the selection committee for awarding awards (website links);
  • Whether other winners are outstanding talents in the industry (including the introduction of other winners, media reports, etc., focusing on their senior positions or major achievements);
  • How many people win this award every year?
  • Previous award winners (focusing on their senior positions or major achievements).

B. Membership in professional associations

  • Each membership needs to include the following information:
  • The name of the association, admission time and criteria of membership (which can be searched on the membership certificate or official website), the position of the association;
  • Introduction of the Association (Official Website);
  • Only the member who has achieved outstanding achievements can join the association.
  • If you have joined a professional association and presided over the trial of new members, please explain.

C. Media Reports

  • Each report should include the following information:
  • Media reports includes time, place, author, title and circulation, as well as the name and introduction of the media;
  • It can be a network media. Please provide specific websites and webpages;
  • It must be a report on the applicant’s outstanding talents/skills/awards, etc. Other reports are meaningless;
  • Whether it has been posted/reproduced (especially in the mainstream media). If so, please provide the website;
  • If you are interviewed by a TV program, you need to provide interviewers, time, place and content.


  • The experience of each judge should include:
  • Time, place, project, the composition of the candidates, the introduction and importance of the awards, etc.;
  • Introduction of Qualification and Assessment Projects;
  • Letter of thanks or certificates;
  • Records of the manuscript review system;
  • Introduction about journal;

E.Original Contributions

  • Applicant’s original contribution in the field:
  • The original contribution of the applicant in the industry; (Please provide objective evidence, such as media reports, patent, articles, etc.)
  • Letter of recommendation;
  • The influence of original contribution on society or real life;
  • The original contribution is cited by other peers in the industry.
    * Above should highlight “originality” and “contribution” (applicant’s original contribution is widely used)

F.Published Articles

  • Each article written by the applicant should include:
  • Complete articles;
  • Circulation and Independent Citations (CNKI, Google scholar) 
  • Introduction to magazines or periodicals
  • If it is a book, please provide cover, catalogue, author’s article page, if it is a monograph, provide cover catalogue.

G.Leading role

  • Introductions or background information of working organizations/groups (please provide website)
  • It is necessary to prove that the organization/group is an important group (media reports, etc.).
  • The Applicant’s important positions and tenure.
  • Major conferences, speeches, projects which she/he participated in.

H.High Salary

  • Tax certificates for the past five years;
  • Evidence of the average wages for different posts in the past two years stipulated by the National Statistical Office (National Statistical Office:
  • Whether the annual income (salary, bonus, bonus, bonus, welfare, etc.) of the past five years can reach more than 150,000 US dollars.
  • Media coverage of it;
  • Industry reports on other high-income people in the industry.


  • The work is painted or directed by the applicant.
  • Publicity materials for exhibitions and programs;
  • Report on exhibitions and programs;
  • Evidence of profitable income;
  • Objective evidence of the applicant’s drawing or guidance; (including publicity works, etc.)

J.Success in performing, arts and commerce:

  • Movie name, release time, box office and click-through volume of network broadcasting platform;
  • Party income;
  • Movie Review;
  • Press conference information and other related media reports;
  • Contract;
  • release time, title of the song, DVD, network download clicks, CD/DVD revenue, digital album sales;
  • Income from other performing arts.