L-1 Multinational Company Transferee

A What is L-1 visa The L-1A visa is designed for intra-company executive and managerial transferees relocating to the United States. U.S employer can be companies that operate for more than one year or new companies (usually with a one-year visa period). The visa period for L-1 visa varies according to the company’s situation. L-1 […]


AWhat is H-1B? The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that enables U.S. employers to hire and temporarily employ foreign professional workers in specialty occupations. Other non-immigrant work visas include TN, O-1, E-2, L-1, P-1 visa, etc. H-1B visa holders may legally live and work inside the United States for a duration of 6 years. […]

Family-based immigration

What is Family-based immigration? U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR’s) can both file immigrant petitions for certain family members Family-based immigration is divided into two basic categories: Immediate Relative Immigrant Visas (Unlimited) and Family Preference Immigrant Visas (Limited): .The Petitioner is U.S. Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents. The beneficiary is their immediate relative or […]


A What is EB-2/EB-3 PERM? Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) is a labor certification system that is generally (although not always) the first step towards a foreigner’s obtaining an employment-based immigrant visa. Permanent labor certification is an authorization that is issued by the Department of Labor (DOL).  The idea behind the permanent labor certification process […]

National Interest Waiver(NIW)

AWhat is National Interest Waiver? National Interest Waiver (NIW) petition falls in the second-preference group of employment-based immigration petitions.There are two different types of Second Preference Employment Based Immigration. EB-2 PERM (employer) Applicants must obtain a job offer and labor certification. The employer will file EB-2 I-140.For more information, please click EB-2 PERM. National Interest […]

Managers and Executive Transferees(EB-1C)

A What is EB-1C? EB-1C: Managers and Executive Transferees 8 C.F.R. §203(b)(1)(C)) The EB-1C is a first-preference immigration petition. The alien employee must have worked abroad for the overseas company for a continuous period of one year within the three years immediately preceding his or her admission to the United States. The employee must have […]

Outstanding Researcher/Outstanding Professor

A What is Outstanding Researcher/Outstanding Professor? Outstanding Researcher/Outstanding Professor(EB-1B) (see Immigration & Nationality Act 8 C.F.R. §203(b)(1)(B)) The Outstanding Researcher or Professor is a first-preference employment-based petition. EB-1B mainly applicable to outstanding professors or researchers who have gained international reputation in specific scientific and academic fields and are widely recognized in this field. In addition, […]

Aliens of Extraordinary Ability(EB-1A)

A What is Aliens of Extraordinary Ability? EB-1 visas are the first-preference group of employment-based immigration petitions. This kind of immigration is called “Alien of Extraordinary Ability”. Alien of Extraordinary Ability is an important policy of the U.S. government to recruit talents. So far, this project has attracted tens of thousands of talented people from […]